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        Frequently Asked Questions.   


I’ve never ordered linens before.  Where do I begin?

When ordering linen rental for your upcoming event, start by determining what you would like to do for your guest seating tables. Decide if you would like the linens to come half way down or to the floor, and if you prefer the look of a basic tablecloth by itself, a tablecloth with an overlay or a runner, or a specialty tablecloth.  Then don’t forget something special for your cake table, your head or sweetheart table, and the sign in/gift tables. If you have cocktail tables, there are three popular linen styles to choose from. The tablecloth can go straight down, a larger tablecloth can be tied in the center with a chair sash, or a spandex tablecloth gives a sleek and modern look. You may also need linens for your food, drink, bar back, dj, and other tables. Your venue should provide you with a list of table sizes and quantities.  Then determine if you will need chair covers, sashes, and napkins, and give us a call!


I won’t know an exact guest count until 1-2 weeks before my event. When should I place my order?


All of our items are first come, first served. While we have a large inventory and are always receiving more items, we recommend securing your order with a down payment of 50% as soon as you know what items you would like. You can adjust your quantity up to 14 days before your event before you make your final payment. If you have more guests RSVP after the 14 day mark, you can add to your order as long as the items are still available. We can accept short notice orders, but please understand that availability may be limited, especially on popular items.


When is my final payment due?


Final payments are due 14 days before your event unless otherwise specified.

How will my linens be packaged?

Your tablecloths will be on hangers with a size tag on each hanger, and most everything else will be packaged in bundles wrapped in plastic.  Charger plates come in special crates made for them (with a $30 fee for each crate if they aren't returned).  We will give you laundry return bags upon request and based on availability, otherwise you can use a trash bag.  Please return the hangers as well!


Do you offer price matching?


While we strive to offer the best possible quality of product that is professionally cleaned and pressed, at great prices, we currently do not offer price matching.  All linens are not created equal, and all laundry and pressing processes are not the same.  We hear this story all the time. Someone found a great deal on some $5 tablecloths and $1 chair covers with a sash included, so they make their reservation. They go pick up the linen the morning of the event, only to find that they are in a trash bag, some are stained, all of them are wrinkled. What they didn’t see was the fine print that there are extra charges for cleaning and ironing. These clients typically call us Saturday morning in a panic, and are we are fortunate to be able to help them. When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. There is no way to offer good, clean, professional linen rental at those prices. If you are unsure of the quality of linens you will receive, visit the company’s showroom and ask to see how the linen will look when you arrive to pickup your order.  You are welcome to visit us as well!

When I pick up my items, how will they be packaged?

Our tablecloths, sashes, and table runners will be on hangers with plastic bags over them, similar to how you receive your items from the dry cleaners. Chair covers, napkins, and some other small items are wrapped in plastic in bundles.  Charger plates are in crates.  The charger plate crates are $30 each if we do not receive them back.

What do I need to do after my event?

Please remove all debris (confetti, napkins, food, etc.) from your tablecloths, untie all sashes, and place items in trash bags or totes (for chair covers). If your items are wet, please let them air dry prior to placing in bag to prevent mold/mildew replacement costs. Items for weekend events are due back by Monday at 6PM unless otherwise previously agreed upon. Late charges of 20% of your order, or $50, whichever is greater, will apply beginning on Tuesday at noon, and full replacement costs as outlined on your invoice, will be billed to the card on file if items are not returned by 5PM on Wednesday. These charges cannot be refunded even if items are returned.


Can I use candles on the tables?


Many venues are no longer allowing open flames on the tables, but if yours does, please ensure that the candles are enclosed in hurricane or votive style vases. While big, beautiful candelabras with dripping candle wax looks really cool, candle wax will damage our linen and you will be billed replacement costs as outlined on your invoice upon the discovery of wax on your items.

Do you offer laundry services for the tablecloths I own?

We do offer professional tablecloth laundry services to business accounts on a weekly basis only.  For more information, email us at

How do I know what kind of chair cover to order?


We offer two types of chair covers, spandex and universal satin.  Both kinds of chair covers will fit on most banquet chairs, and the universal satin will fit on a few other unique sizes of chairs.  If you are uncertain of the fit, you are welcome to bring one of your chairs in, or rent just one chair cover to take it to your venue to try our chair cover on your venue's chair.


How do I know what size tablecloths to order?  

Decide if you would like your linens to be half way down (15" drop) or to the floor.  Then reference our easy tablecloth size guide to find the right size. 







Are you hiring?

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