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Our Most Frequently Asked Question:

About 10 times a day, a customer will ask us "Do I have to iron the tablecloths when I get to the venue?" This question used to catch us off guard, as we cannot imagine requiring our customers to iron tablecloths the morning of their wedding or big event. We later realized that there are some companies that do not include ironing in their prices, and in the fine print their website says there is an extra charge for ironing.

Over the past three years since we started doing our own laundry (and laundry for about 50 other event industry businesses), we have worked hard to ensure that we put out a beautiful finished product, where the day of your event you simply take the tablecloth off the hanger and put it on the table.

This picture is of a White Satin Tablecloth. Satin is one of the most difficult fabrics to remove wrinkles from, yet as you can see, this is nearly perfect. This was straight off the hanger.

In the picture of our white polyester chair covers and black satin chair sashes below, you will hardly see a wrinkle. We take pride in our processing and packaging, so you don't have to worry when setting up for your event.

We have recently made a huge investment in upgrading the quality of fabric for our basic polyeser tablecloths. The picture below is of our blush polyester tablecloths prior to the centerpieces and chairs being added, so you can really see the quality of our fabric and our ironing process. These were straight off the hanger. Not all polyester is created equal.

We invite you to come visit us at 1611B Tantor Rd, Dallas, TX 75229 to see the quality of our products and process for yourself!

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