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Choose the Best Tablecloth Style for your Event - Part 1

You are hosting a gorgeous event, and all of your loved ones will be there, so, you will certainly want to impress them! Whether it be a wedding, birthday party, Quinceañera or anniversary celebration, just to name a few, your guests will likely need somewhere to sit. Of course, having enough tables and seating is a top priority for your event, but, it is also important to consider what your seating will look like. Décor is crucial for bringing a venue to life, as all of the elements will flow together beautifully to create an ornate appearance, and adding linens to your tables is a great way to enhance your tablescapes.

Did you know that there are different styles of table linens? It is true! And, each one represents a unique and gorgeous appearance. Seeing as each event most likely has a theme or a color scheme, your tablecloths should complement it beautifully, and luckily, AM Linen Rental has gathered a few of our top tablecloth styles that are available for you, so be sure to continue reading for some great inspiration:

  • Rosette. Roses are a truly beautiful flower that are most commonly used to display romance, as the way the petals are arranged creates a lovely spiral, which is certainly an elegant sight. Rosette linens have taken the rose and incorporated it into their appearance through dimensional characteristics. So, you get the gorgeous petal spiral of a rose right on your table linen, adding such flair and elegance to any space. Offered in a variety of colors, from whites, pinks even champagne, rosette tablecloths are the perfect way to add texture and drama to your tablescapes.

  • Confetti. In times of great happiness and celebration, confetti can be used to add a “wow” factor to any big day. Whether you are tossing confetti for a newlywed couple, a grand birthday celebration or huge announcement, it is such a great way to show your excitement, and, it can be carried over to your table linens too! We have beautiful confetti table linens available to you in colors such as blush, silver and eggplant, providing texture and dimension for a pop of flair to each and every table.

  • Spandex. Not every celebration needs an extra texture within its décor, sometimes nice, clean and chic provides the best appearance. You can add a seamless look of sophistication to your event tables with spandex table linens. From black, white and silver to shades of pink, yellow, blue and purple, we have a wide array of colors that are sure to fit your event’s theme beautifully. The best part is, spandex accompanies a myriad of different décor options, so whether you choose a modern, classic or a rustic theme, these lovely tablecloths will highlight it.

Decoration is a powerful tool for any room, and using it to your advantage is a great way to make your event a hit. Here at AM Linen Rental, our goal is to create your event to shine with our beautiful linens, so be sure to contact us today to begin planning your elements of décor.

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