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Top tips for choosing your wedding table linens

There is a lot you can do to decorate for your big day. From flowers to lighting, you have an unlimited amount of options to turn your venue into a wedding wonderland. While planning your wedding day, you might get hung up on which centerpieces are perfect, how to decorate your altar, and which décor will let your dance floor feel inviting, but, there is another aspect of your wedding that is just as important as everything else, your wedding table linens!

Your wedding guests will spend a good portion of their time sitting at your wedding tables. They will enjoy your delicious food, that decadent cake, and even toast to your happiness, all from the comfort of your seating arrangements. Here at AM Linen Rental, we know every aspect of linens, and we want your wedding day to be a huge success, therefore, we have gathered the top tips for choosing your wedding table linens, so be sure to continue reading for some assistance:

  • What are your table needs? There are a wide range of different table shapes and sizes that will need certain types of linens to complement them. Also, along with the type, it is also important to know how many tables you will be having, and the number of guests will determine the number of tables needed. However, it is important not to forget other tables that you many need, such as for your cake display or food to be placed upon, so make sure that you have a proper count.

  • The right color. You can use your table linens to create accents of your wedding colors throughout the venue. Whether they reflect the season or showcase your absolute favorite colors, you can complement the overall color scheme with different types of linens in your chosen colors. Luckily, when it comes to linens, the color options are literally endless, so you should always be able to find the perfect hue for your wedding vision within many different fabric choices.

  • The right season. If you are reflecting a certain season within your wedding décor, it is important to bring that wedding theme to your table linens as well. For a Winter wedding, your go-to linens may be white, but you can take a more artistic and vibrant approach that will better communicate Winter by incorporating colors such as apple red or hunter green. For a Spring wedding however, you may be leaning more towards pastels, while Fall may incorporate deep reds, browns or yellows.

Using linens for your table décor is a great way to add that little something extra to your big day that really brings your whole décor together. Here at AM Linen Rental, we are passionate about the power of decorating with linens and the beautiful effect they have on venues. So, if you are ready to start planning your wedding, contact us today so that we can help you transform your venue into a gorgeous work of art through lovely linens.

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