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Create beauty among your tables with charger plates

Wedding décor is such a fun aspect to plan, as there are so many creative liberties that you can take to bring a sense of unique personalization to your setting. From your centerpieces to your linens, your reception décor will give your wedding day the magnificent appeal that you have seen in your dreams. Beautiful wedding décor will surely take your big day from beautiful to absolutely stunning.

When it comes to your wedding reception tables, there is a lot that goes into decorating them, and even more that you can do to create a wonderful display. From adding linens to a floral centerpiece beauty, the functionality of the table often goes unnoticed by the decorative touch. Your guests will be hands on with your wedding tables, and that especially goes for your dinner plates. You can bring gorgeous wedding décor to your plates with a beautiful charger plate, for the ultimate sense of sophistication.

Although charger plates are not used to hold food directly, they bring a special decorative element to the table by creating a base display for your dinner plates. Here at AM Linen Rental, we offer gorgeous charger plates, and have gathered some great inspiration as to why they should be among your wedding tables, so be sure to continue reading to learn more:

  • Why you should use a charger plate. Your charger plate will add a beautiful element to your table and even set the right ambience for your reception. However, a decorative element is not all that your charger plate has to offer. They will help keep your gorgeous linens clean by catching stray pieces of food and preventing disastrous spills. For those couples that are featuring warm meals at their wedding, a charger plate will help your dish retain the warmth of your food too, for an all around great addition to your big day.

  • How to use a charger plate. To start, your charger plates should match your table décor. From your linen style to your wedding colors and theme, you can really make the most of your charger plate by having it complement your overall wedding setting. Charger plates are placed two feet apart to give your guests optimal elbow room. Once your table is all set up and your charger plate is in place, you can display your silverware in the middle of your plates, for an elegant appeal. All dishes will be served on top of the charger plate, and then the charger can be wiped clean after each dish, maintaining clean beauty among each table.

  • Charger plate etiquette. It goes without saying that your charger plate and tables should be ready before your guests arrive. After dinner is complete, all plates must be removed from the table to make way for dessert. It is crucial that you never serve your food directly on the charger plate, as it is not meant to hold food, but to adorn and anchor the dinner plates.

Charger plates are quite the undiscovered gem when it comes to wedding décor, as they can add an extra pizzazz to any table. Here at AM Linen Rental, we have a large supply of beautiful charger plates and linens that would be a perfect addition to your event. If you are ready to start planning your wedding décor needs, contact us today!

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