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How will you be presenting your wedding chair sash? - Part 1

There is a lot to consider when planning your wedding. Every detail is important, from the boutonnieres to the table settings, each element will work together to create your décor. However, as wedding décor is created, the chairs often go unnoticed, even when they serve such a huge purpose.

To bring elegance to your chairs, sashes are available for your décor needs. The best part is that there is not just one way to display your chair sashes, so you can take a creative approach to it. There are many different ways that you can tie your sashes to communicate you and your partner’s uniqueness.

Here at AM Linen Rental, we enjoy a beautiful wedding, especially a well decorated one. That is why we gathered a few tips to help you present your wedding chair sashes for a complete wedding look, so be sure to continue reading to learn more:

  • Double loop flower. It is such a gorgeous option to have a tie that resembles a rose, adorning the back of your chairs. If the rosette tie is a little small for your taste, you can rev it up with the double loop flower, and it is faster to make than a rosette tie. You can create this tie by making a traditional bow, taking the loose ends, and creating another bow. You will be left with four loops and two hanging ends. Then, fluff your loops, take each end and tuck it under. You will be left with a gorgeous and neat tie that will look incredible sitting on the back of your chairs.

  • Flip over. There is so much to get done before your wedding can start, so choosing an easy tie for your chair sash is a great way to save time. The Flip Over is a beautiful sash tie that does not require too much time. You start out with making a standard knot. You then take the longer end that is hanging, flip it under and then over the top of the knot. If you still have more length than you would like, you can always flip it over a second time to shorten your sash. This tie is simple, yet elegant, and perfect for decorating.

  • The obi. Some say that the things you have to work the hardest for, are the things most worth having. This Obi tie is one of the more difficult sash ties, and certainly time consuming, but they are definitely gorgeous. You start by wrapping the chairs, as if you were preparing a bow. You then flip one end over the other and pull. Your next instinct may be to continue on to make a bow, however, you will hold one end of the sash in your left hand instead. Grab the other end and wrap it, clockwise, behind and around the end you are holding in your left hand. To tie off your Obi, pull the piece in your right hand. This is probably one of the more challenging ties, but it sure is a sight to see.

There are so many creative and gorgeous ways that you can use chair sashes to add to your wedding décor. Here at AM Linen Rental, we offer a wide variety of chair sashes that are sure to complement your big day. If you are ready to start planning your wedding décor, be sure to contact us today.

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