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How will you be presenting your wedding chair sash? - Part 2

There are so many beautiful aspects you can plan and personalize when it comes to your wedding day. From the flowers to the aisle runner, you can add your own personal flair to many different elements. Your wedding day is a day to celebrate you and your partner, and everybody will love the creative elements that you bring to your décor.

You can contribute creative elements of decor to many different aspects within your wedding, including your chair sashes. Of course, a bow is the traditional tie and maybe even your own first thought, but there are so many more creative ties you can utilize to provide a unique appeal.

Here at AM Linen Rental, we enjoy beautiful linens being used creatively. That is why we have put together a few ties to help you present your wedding chair sashes uniquely, so be sure to continue reading to learn more:

  • The knot. There is so much beauty in the simple things. The simplicity in life is something to be treasured and comforted by. The knot tie is a simple tie and a fast and easy alternative to the traditional bow. It is easy to make too! Just place an end of the sash in each hand, wrap the sash around the front of the chair back. Cross the sash ends, loop one side over the other, and then tie the ends in a tight knot. Your sash ends will hang down the back of the chair, creating a simple and elegant look.

  • The side knot. Once again, we see a beautiful display of simple elegance with the side knot. This side knot is closely related to the traditional knot, as it is pretty much the same knot, just tied on the side of the chair rather than the back. You can create this knot the same way you tied the traditional knot, except focused on the side of the chair rather than the back. This beautiful knot will add flair to the side of your chairs, and the sash ends will hang off to the side.

  • The bow. There is a great love for honoring traditions. The traditional bow is widely used and such a great classic tie for many things, such as your wedding chair sashes. You can incorporate the traditional bows into your wedding sashes, and it is quick and easy. You start out by holding a chair sash end in each hand and wrap them around the front of the chair back. Then proceed to cross the ends of the sash, looping one side over the other, and then tie a bow. You can tighten the bow as needed for your desired look. Each chair at your wedding will look like a present, just for your guests.

There is no right or wrong way to tie your wedding chair sashes, and it really comes down to you and your partner’s personal taste. Here at AM Linen Rental, we have a large supply of gorgeous linens, perfect for your wedding or event. If you are ready to start planning your linen décor, be sure to contact us today.

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