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How will you be presenting your wedding chair sash? - Part 3

As your guests enter your venue, they can be greeted with gorgeous décor, such as flowers and beautiful lighting. However, your guests will be searching for a spot to sit so that they can watch you marry your soul mate. While sitting for long periods may be uncomfortable, especially for certain guests, you can surely make it beautiful with a gorgeous chair sash display.

The last couple of weeks we have talked about the importance of wedding chair sashes and creative ways for you to present them. This week, AM Linen Rental has gathered a few more creative ways for you to make an impression with your wedding chair sashes. Each one is unique, just as you and your partner are, so finding the one that is right for your wedding day I crucial. By creatively displaying your wedding chair sashes, you can create a decorative dynamic without too much work. So, be sure to continue reading to learn more:

  • Rosette. The rosette bow is similar to the double loop flower, only smaller. It is more time consuming than the average bow, but makes quite a statement. To tie the rosette, you start off as though tying a classic bow, by wrapping both ends of the sash around the chair. Then pull one end over the other, to secure in place, and begin twisting one end of the sash over the other until you are left with a small amount of sash at the ends, no more than a few inches. Wind the twisted sash in a circle, as if tying a bun, around the back of the chair, until you have a gorgeous rose shape. Viola! You know have a rosette on the back of your chair.

  • Side bow. There are many alternatives to the traditional bow, this being the first. If having a giant bow on the back of all your chairs seems a little less than your style, you can switch it up with a side bow, and it is super easy. All you need to do is tie the traditional bow, as discussed in previous weeks, and slide it to the side of your chair. Your chairs now look more unique and you did not have to put in very much work to switch it up.

  • Double wrap side knot. If you are looking for something much more unique that makes a statement, you can create the double wrap side knot. However, this tie is definitely a bit more tricky, so a little practice goes a long way. To tie this knot, start by taking the ends of the sash, and wrap it around the side of the chair. Then, cross to the alternate side of your chair, loop one end over the other on the first side, and continue to tie a knot or bow, depending on your desired style, and of course, how much fabric is left.

You do not have to stick with just your flowers and centerpieces to make a statement at your wedding. You can utilize linens to really make your wedding stand out and be unique to you and your partner. Here at AM Linen Rental, we offer a large variety of gorgeous linens, perfect your big day. If you are ready to make a statement for your wedding through linens, be sure to contact us today.

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