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Do you know how to create a tablescape for your wedding?

When planning your big day, there are many details that you will need to combine to form a gorgeous appearance. Your tables are a huge part of your wedding day, from your reception tables to the cake table, they will compose most of your reception. Your tables can become beautiful displays if put together properly.

When it comes to creating your tablescapes, do you know where to start? There are a few key things to pay attention to when assembling yours.

Here at AM Linen Rental, we understand how important your wedding tables are to your big day. That’s why we have put together a few tips to help you create a tablescape for your wedding. If you are in need of a little help designing your own wedding tables, be sure to keep reading to learn more.

  • Wedding color palette. As with many of your wedding elements, your wedding color palette determines what tablescape will work best for your big day. When it comes to the color palette of your wedding tables, it’s recommended to start with shades of white or metallic and then continue to add from there for accent. The color palette within your centerpieces are also important, as are the sizes.

  • Dinnerware. Your dinnerware also plays a key role in the makeup of your wedding tables. From crystal to solid colors, your wedding dinnerware will obviously have décor and colors that complement them best. Some venues offer their own dinnerware for the occasion, so it’s important to check with your venue coordinator as you start planning your tables. If you are unhappy with the dinnerware offered, you should be able to decline the dishes and plan your own. Colored glass and patterned cutlery are wonderful décor for your tables, whereas china is a lovely choice for less formal and more vintage weddings. Your dinnerware is another main piece to your tables that require careful planning.

  • Table card holders. If you are planning on having a formal wedding seating arrangement, card holders are your next priority. There are many unique ways to display your table card holders, and many different card holder designs to choose from. Also, adding wedding favors to your table is another wonderful way to add extra décor to your tables.

Wedding tables need the right amount of planning and consideration to become the perfect display for your big day. These tips will help you create an appealing and memorable tablescape fitting for your wedding day. Here at AM Linen Rental, we have the perfect linens for your tables. If you are planning your own wedding tables, be sure to contact us today.

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