Top 3 Linen Rentals for Your Wedding Sweetheart Table

During your wedding reception, you will feature many stunning details, such as the linens upon your tables. There will be a number of tables that will greet your guests after your ceremony. Each table deserves a stunning display, but there is one table that should just pop.

Top Dallas Wedding Linen Rental Fabrics

You and your partner will have a table apart from the rest, your sweetheart table. It should be unique compared to the rest of your tables, as it will be the designated seating area for you and your new spouse to enjoy the rest of your wedding day.

We believe that newlyweds deserve a one of a kind table for their special day! That’s why, here at AM Linen Rental, we have put together the top three linen rentals for your sweetheart table. Be sure to continue reading to discover what these linens are:

  • Sequin. Sequins are very popular in the fashion world, and can even make a dazzling display on your wedding day. The sparkling effect that sequin linens bring to tables will be able to draw the eyes of your guests to the most important one in the reception, your sweetheart table.

  • Rosette. Roses are most often presented between two people in love. The gorgeous design of rosette linens is quite intriguing as well. Bring a floral display of love to your sweetheart table with lovely rosette linens.

  • Confetti. Your wedding day will be a celebration of your commitment to each other. What better way to showcase celebration than with the lovely display of confetti? Confetti linens are a festive way to adorn your sweetheart table.

Do you know how to create a tablescape for your wedding?

Every newlywed couple deserves a stunning sweetheart table! These are just a few of the wonderful linens that you can choose for yours. Here at AM Linen Rental, as a Dallas wedding linen rental company, we have the perfect linens for your special day. Contact us today rent your wedding linens in Dallas, Texas.

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