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Popular Bright Colored Linens for Your Dallas Wedding

If you are one of the many brides or grooms to-be that enjoy vibrant and cheerful colors, you may be looking to incorporate them into your wedding day. It’s important that you present a style that complements your vision for your big day, and with the right linens, you can!

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Have you started planning your wedding linens yet?

We are honored to present quality linens at weddings! That’s why, here at AM Linen Rental, we have put together the most popular bright colored linens that you could choose for your own wedding day. If you are ready to fuel your creativity, be sure to continue reading:

  • Lime Green Spandex Linens. Lime green is a sure-fire way to make your wedding tables pop! The vibrant color will automatically draw the eyes of all of your guests and can even create a neon look if used correctly. Also, spandex is versatile linen that looks clean and chic as they will certainly enhance your tables with their modern appearance. So, opt for the dynamic duo of lime green spandex linens.

  • Turquoise Polyester Linens. Turquoise was quite popular back in the day, and thankfully, this gorgeously bright hue has made a comeback. You can adorn your tables with turquoise polyester linens to bring attention to your tables, as they will showcase both elegance and vibrancy.

  • Orange Spandex Linens. We have another beautiful spandex linen to brag about, and that would be our orange spandex linens. Orange is becoming quite popular, even in the wedding world, and you can jump on this trend train to brighten up your wedding tables. The potential for such a hue is wonderful, and you can certainly make the most of it on your wedding day.

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Aren’t these linens wonderful? They can certainly work wonders for your desired wedding style. And, here at AM Linen Rental, as a Dallas, Texas wedding linen rental company, we have plenty of linens to meet your wedding needs. Contact us today rent your wedding linens in Dallas.

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