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Top 3 Napkins to Rent for Your Dallas Wedding

Your wedding decorations will be comprised of many different elements. Linens, centerpieces, floral arrangements; a beautiful appeal will certainly be presented! However, there is one extra detail that you won’t want to overlook, and that would be your napkins.

Unique Linens to Rent for Your Wedding

Are you aware of the many napkins that you could choose to showcase among your wedding tables?

Here at AM Linen Rental, we believe that every wedding should highlight lovely elements of décor! That’s why we have gathered the top three napkins that you could choose for your own wedding. To discover some great inspiration, be sure to continue reading:

  • Polyester. Blush, navy blue, silver; you certainly won’t be at a loss of options for color if you choose our polyester napkins for your big day! With virtually any hue available, among a durable and elegant fabric, you can present a lovely pop of color and style at each seat.

  • Satin. Do you like a little shimmer and shine? If so, choose to highlight our satin napkins on your tables! The lovely alone fabric will showcase a sophisticated appearance. And, just as with polyester, there are an array of beautiful colors to choose from.

  • Shantung. If you are seeking a unique fabric, consider our shantung napkins! The dupioni silk that creates them will have them presenting a one of a kind appearance, while also holding their fold. They are certainly a wonderful way to add some pizzazz to your tables.

Top Linens to Rent for Your Fall Wedding

Every table at your wedding should showcase some flair! These are just a few of the many napkins that you could choose for your own big day. If you are ready to rent your Dallas wedding linens, please contact us here at AM Linen Rental. We would be grateful to pair you with the best wedding linens to rent in Dallas, Texas.

Photo Credit: Brandi McComb Photography

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