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Tips for Choosing the Tablecloth Size for Your Dallas Wedding

Your wedding tablecloths are a big part of your big day! After all, they will pose as the base of your décor for all of your wedding tables. So, they should certainly showcase a beautiful appearance.

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In order to create a display that pleases the eye, you will want to ensure that you plan each of your wedding details to perfection.

We understand the importance of choosing your wedding details wisely! That’s why, here at AM Linen Rental, we have gathered some tips to assist you with choosing the right size tablecloths for your own nuptials. Are you ready to take in some great advice? If the answer is yes, be sure to continue reading:

  • Measure Your Tables. First off, you will want to measure your tables. For square and rectangle tables, ensure that you measure the entire length and width, from end to end. For round tables, discover the center and measure the radius of the table, from the center point to the edge. Then, multiply this figure by two to determine the total width of the table. This way, you can begin your search for the right size tablecloths with ease.

  • Consider the Drop Length. Your measurements will make you aware of what size tablecloth you will need to cover the surface of your tables. However, you will still want to determine what drop length you would like to present. It all depends on your personal preference when it comes to appearance! Whether you would like your tablecloths to reach all the way to the floor, or halfway, you will have an array of options to choose from.

  • A Unique Appearance. However, if you would rather showcase an appearance that isn’t your traditional tablecloth, consider our spandex linens, as they will hug your tables, rather than present a drop length.

With the right tablecloths, your big day is sure to shine! These are just a few tips to assist you with choosing the right size tablecloths for your own big day.

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Are you ready to discover your own wedding linen rentals in Dallas, Texas? If so, please contact us here at AM Linen Rental. With an array of beautiful Dallas wedding linen rentals to choose from, we would be grateful with the opportunity to present you with yours.

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