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Don't Believe These Misconceptions About Burlap Wedding Linens

Where will your guests be spending the majority of their time at your wedding reception? If they aren’t out on the dance floor, they will most likely be at their seats. So, it’s crucial that your wedding tables are inviting and beautiful.

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In order to create a gorgeous presentation, you will want to utilize linens! And, burlap is wonderful choice. But, some people are hesitant to use them. However, they certainly shouldn’t be!

There are some misconceptions about burlap linens! That’s why, here at AM Linen Rental, as a Dallas wedding linen rental company, we have gathered them for you, to ease your worries. So, be sure to continue reading to discover what they are:

  • Taming the Burlap. Burlap may seem impossible to tame, as ironing is not an ideal option for this linen. But, this does not mean that it is impossible to present a smooth and wrinkle-free look for burlap. So, know that if you rent our burlap linens, they will present a beautiful, wrinkle-free appearance, just as any other linen would!

  • What’s That Smell? There is some thought that burlap presents an unpleasant smell. While some burlap linens do, know that ours do not! Therefore, if you rent our burlap linens, you can ensure there won’t be any unpleasant aromas among your tables.

  • That Awful Shred. Another misconception about burlap linens is that they shred. This is another case of choosing the right linen vendor. We guarantee that our burlap linens don’t shred, or showcase any unprofessional appearances. So, your tables will certainly shine beautifully if our burlap linens are utilized!

Burlap linens can be a truly gorgeous addition to your wedding day! These are just a few misconceptions that shouldn’t be believed about them.

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If you are ready to discover your own online wedding linen rentals in Dallas, Texas, please contact us here at AM Linen Rental. We have an abundance of gorgeous linens to choose from, and would be honored to assist you with choosing yours.

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