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Terms & Conditions



1. Customer and associated parties agree to use all AM Linen Rental rental property in a careful and proper manner, will comply with applicable laws and regulations, and will return all AM Linen Rental property the first business day after the event has taken place, unless alternate arrangements have been previously agreed upon and listed on the invoice. Customer agrees to assume all risk of loss, damage, and abuse to rental property from any cause whatsoever. Items must be returned by 5:30PM the next business day after your event. Late return fees of 20% will be incurred on the second business day, and full replacement costs will be billed to your card on file on the third business day.

2. Customer acknowledges that the rental property is of a size, design, and quantity selected by the customer, and that AM Linen Rental has not made and does not make any representation, warrant, or covenant, express or implied, with respect to condition, quality, durability, or suitability of the rental property. Please note that suppliers, dye lots, seams, and hem style may vary. AM Linen Rental will not be liable to the customer for any loss, damage, or injuries caused directly or indirectly by the rental property, by any inadequacy thereof, or defects therein. If you are ordering chair covers, please note that we cannot be responsible if the chair covers you order do not fit your chairs properly, nor can we exchange or refund the chair covers once they have been picked up/delivered. Please checkout a sample first if you are uncertain of the fit.

3. While all images and color photos on our website are taken of our actual items, customer acknowledges that all computer and device screens are different, and a color may not look identical in a venue. This can be from lighting and other effects at an event. Customer may request an appointment to view the items being used in person.

4. Customer will indemnify AM Linen Rental against any claim, action, damages, and liability, including attorney’s fees, arising or connected with the customer’s use and possession of the rental property or customer’s use of our rental service.

5. Customer will ensure that their order is complete and correct before leaving our store, or before our delivery driver leaves.  Orders are assumed to be accurate if we are not informed of any issue before 10am Friday.  We are happy to help resolve any discrepancies before 10am on Friday, but we cannot be reached after hours or on the weekend. 

6. In the event rental property is not returned or is returned in a torn, burned or otherwise damaged condition, the customer will be charged a replacement cost equal to three times the listed (not discounted) rental rate for each tablecloth, table overlay, table runner, or napkin, $10 for each chair cover, and $4 for each chair sash/tie. Specialty items, as noted on the invoice, may have a higher replacement cost. Said charge will be added to the original rental charges and the Customer agrees to pay these charges upon receipt of the replacement billing. Customer agrees that AM Linen Rental retains ownership of damaged linen and payment of replacement charges is not a purchase by Customer of the damaged linen. Our linens will be damaged by mold, mildew, candle wax, ink, pin holes, duct tape, staples, glue, or any other substance that is not from normal use. Automatic replacement fees will be incurred upon discovery of any of these items.

7. Evidence of the following items will automatically incur the above stated replacement charges: mold, mildew, wax, gum, glue, ink, marker, crayon, paint, Velcro, staples, pins, bleach, and duct tape.

8. Customer agrees to give AM Linen Rental 48 hours from the time of rental item return to count returned items and inspect items for damages. When scheduling pick up, customer may request that items be inspected in their presence. This request must be made prior to arrival to allow for proper scheduling. Customer will receive emailed photographic evidence of damaged items, and the customer agrees that AM Linen Rental will bill the original card used to rent items for the above stated replacement costs. Chair sashes must be untied prior to return, or a $0.25 per sash fee will be charged.

9. All rental property held beyond the agreed upon return date is subject to an additional rental charge.

10. A down payment of 50% is due to reserve items and lock in the price. The remainder is due fourteen days before the event. Changes can be made up to two business days after the initial order is placed, except in the situation of an event date less than thirty days from the order date. Items may be added to the order total up to two days before the event date as long as AM Linen Rental's inventory allows. If inventory is not available, rush shipping charges may apply.

11. All payments are final. No refunds will be issued for cancellations.

12. Rented property that is unused will still be subject to rental charges.

13. There may be certain orders that we are unable to accept and must cancel. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to refuse an order.


14. We cannot be responsible for shipping delays outside of our control. Orders that are shipped in time, but not received in time, will not be refunded for any reason.

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